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EmBitz for Linux and C++? - davhak - 05-12-2021

Dear All,

It is nice to see that EmBitz is back.
Two questions:

1. Can EmBitz 2.1 be used under Linux (Ubuntu) ? If yes, how can one install it? In download page there is only a ZIP file for Windows.

2. Does EmBitz 2.1 support C++ ? For example in STM32CubeIDE one can have a hybrid C/C++ project where the IDE will automatically use C compiler for *.h/*.c files and C++ compiler for *.hpp/*.cpp files. Is something similar available in EmBitz?

Thanks a lot.

RE: EmBitz for Linux and C++? - embitz - 05-12-2021


1) No
2) Yes

RE: EmBitz for Linux and C++? - PDonchev - 27-08-2022

I will reuse this thread.
When .hpp file is included in a project, it is treated as .cpp file (included in compilation and linking).
If there is "#pragme once" in the beginning, I get "warning: #pragma once in main file" and linker reports:
"file format not recognized; treating as linker script" and finally gives up with "syntax error".

In order to successfully build a C++ project, I have to manual exclude the .hpp files from compilation and linking.
Is this normal?

RE: EmBitz for Linux and C++? - Aroyer - 08-09-2022


Is there any reasons to use .hpp ? 

I have pretty huge project in c++ and all my header are .h
I mix a lot of C and C++ and for me .h is more convenient

I just want to know!..

back in time I use .hpp with borlandC++ but not anymore.

RE: EmBitz for Linux and C++? - PDonchev - 11-09-2022

It's C++, why use .h for C++, especially when they come from a third party library.