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Using external gdb server [not a bug]

Thanks for your awesome creation!

It seems that there is a problem parsing the reg keys when using external gdb server.
For example when using JLink with the following key %Software\SEGGER\J-Link:InstallPath% the server fails to start.
Windows version: 10.0.19044.1826
EmBitz version 2.41

Please see the attached screenshots for more details.


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Yes, I guess that I removed the possibility for using regkey's here.

Embitz is going in a direction that it will use EBlink more and more as GDB server. Other GDB servers can't provide the same features that EBlink is providing such as, flashing from menu and live variables (also used by EBmonitor).

EBlink should support more probes in the future but I don't think it will ever support JLink because that API it is closed.
That would actually be a nice feature to have. Because as for me EmBitz is also good for many other platforms. I like that it can cover almost all the development cases. For example I use it not only for ARM based MCUs but also ESP32, 51, avr, pic cores. Also the possibility to configure the project for the newest MCUs available in a minute, without waiting for weeks when the manufacturer adds support is also great. So I believe that many of us use openOCD or PyOCD frequently. And the reg key feature allows to make the ebp file very VCS friendly)

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