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EBlink not installing with EmBitz 2.50
Thanks for quick reply!

I don't have any additional info about why this have started to happen, I have not messed around with the internals of EmBitz at all.
But I suspect it has something todo with the installation of 2.00 vs 2.50 and the uninstall and reinstall of EBlink in different folders, and now somehow EmBitz is confused (on some level) where EBlink is located.
Where is the configuration for EmBitz where the location of EBlink is specified? When opening 2.50 after installation, it had inherited all IDE configurations from 2.00, so they seems to have some shared config.
I found config files in "C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Roaming\EmBitz\2.00" but don't find anything about EBlink there. Does the EBlink location come via Windows Registry?

Anyhow, about your suggestion:
In Settings / Environment... / Environment variables, I added the variable EB_SCRIPT_PATH with path to EBlink script folder.
The dialog complains that this variable is already set, but I guess it now overrides the old one.
And now EBlink can find the script file and it seems to work normally.

Many thanks!!!

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