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F7/F4 flash errors
I have 2 projects in C++ I'm working actively at this time, and they are for debugging my graphic library.


I'm using the built-in St-link on both of them!
Project can be downloaded without problem with 1.11 and work like a charm..

But with 2.3 and EB-Link 4.5
I get those error (Please note the sector is always at random)
I'm running Windows 10.  I Have uninstall Embitz and the EB-Link and have reinstalled them. Problem is persisting.

I also noticed that debugging is slower than it was with 1.11 and EB-link

Thank for any tips!!

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I can only look at this if I have a (small) project with this bug.

Could you share a project with the error?

That EB1.11 is faster is not explainable by the application because that engine is the same as 2.x.
Perhaps going back to older GCC toolchains would make a difference in speed (perhaps .elf info level changes).
I did some tests with EBlink and CubeIDE for some F4DISCO demonstration code and I can't reproduce this.
What is the firmware version of the STlink's on the boards?

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