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Dropping support older Win versions
Perhaps consider windows 10.
Keeping that old stuff is very time consuming.
I quit with everything older than windows 10.

All those older windows versions are very slow in vmWare, I can't work with them anymore.
The next version will check runtime the windows version and will quit if Windows is too old.
Instead of keeping old stuff alive which I can't debug anymore and which cost a lot of effort it's logical to move on.
If I continue to keep effort in this then it will go slowly to a 64bits only windows version and from there to a Linux/Windows version.

E.g. I saw that EBshell is not working anymore in XP, I don't have any motivation to solve this. XP is dead for more than 8 years, it's time to bury it.
Well, It's your own free choice to freeze your system to a certain software level.

If EB 1.11 is working just right for you, great!  You don't have to go to 2.x.
I'm not becoming poorer or richer if you use EB 1.11 or 2.x.

But I'm becoming poorer (read losing more time) if I keep supporting all those different windows OS versions which I don't use myself and which I don't have running here.

I think that you are right, keeping EB 1.11 for old versions of windows is the right solution.
Thank you for continuing with EmBitz and bringing us new versions!
Once in a while I am forced to use other IDEs for a customer project and they make me appreciate even more how light and fast and clean EmBitz is.
Please consider adding a "Buy me a Beer" (or coffee or dinner or whatever) link to your website so we can thank you for all of your hard work!

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