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CMSIS-DAP/DAPLink debug probes
Are these natively supported or would these have to used with OpenOCD? It would seem to be preferable to be able to use an open, non-proprietry debug/programming probe rather than having to buy a new probe for different manufacturer's Cortex devices.

For example, I have an LPC-Link2 which can be flashed with CMIS-DAP DAPLink firmware which presumably I should be able to use to program Nuvoton Mini51 serries devices rather than having to buy their nu-link product? ([EDIT] the Nu-link probe is probably not supported by EBlink so OPENOCD would be required losing EBlink's advantages).

Are there significant performance differences between most debug probes (other than the expensive Segger products)?

[EDIT] This CMIS-DAP probe is only 12.99 Euros and supports Jtag as weill as SWD though I'm not sure how big an advantage that is in practice:

LTek debug probe

Is Jtag faster than SWD? Are there any Cortex devices that don't support SWD?
Hi Splin,

Well, you can use any GDB server so you can also use OpenOCD. However, most GDB servers don't support live variables (if not all) so for live variables you have to use EBlink (or older Embitz STlinkGdb).

With the STlink-V2 you can debug any cortex-m device and the only thing that is needed is a script for EBlink how to flash the device. Flash strategies are different between vendors and MCU types so that's why that part is done with scripting so it can be changed or extended without the need of rebuilding the tools.

CMSIS-dap is on the list to-do but not with a high priority.

Yes, jtag is a bit faster but needs more pins. The smaller devices don't support jtag because of the number of available pins. SWD can also be very fast (the stlink-v3 is very fast) this depends how how fast the probe is.

I thought stlink was locked to ST devices only by the probe's firmware,  but it seems that has been overcome - good news since I have several.

Next is to get Eblink to work with a cheap trace probe - not that such things exist yet.   Big Grin
Could be a nice open source hardware project  Wink

It's that I don't have enough time but I would like to start an open probe hardware platform which would perform like STlink-V3/J-link with trace.
It is not that difficult but time, time ....

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