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Again about the Raspberry PI Pico support
Hi, embitz,

I looked for my previous thread about the Raspberry PI Pico support, but it seems to be removed.

Well, I want to return to it again. One month ago there were more than 20000 SC0915 (RASPBERRY PI PICO RP2040 BOARD) parts available in the Digi-Key.
Today only 10000.
This part rapidly becomes a standard, especially for education.  So if you add support to it, the EmBitz popularity can greatly increase.

Best regards,


Raspberry decided to misuse the ARM debug specification and made his device multidrop to access the different cores on the same chip instead of different DAP-AP's. The current firmware of the STlink's doesn't support (or we don't know the exact USB API call) multidrop so we can't use STlink's with these Raspberry Pi MCU's. And because STlink is currently the only supported interface for EBlink, EBlink can't support Pico's.

So, if you want to use a Pico you have to switch to a different probe (e.g. another Pi Pico) and use a GDB server (e.g. OpenOCD) which will support that particular probe.

For now ,I don't gone put a lot of effort in this. I'm not so thrilled about these MCU's and I think it will mostly find his way in the hobby sector but I personally won't use them.

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