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EmBitz 2.0: MSP430 project, missing compiler selection
I'm a long-time user of EmBitz, a really great tool!

In Version 1.11 I was able to create Texas Instruments MSP430 projects, worked great.
In Version 2.0, even if there is a selection for MSP430 in 'New from Template' Dialog, I'm unable so select a compiler (the MSP430 toolchain is installed on the system).

The only way I got it to work was to use an existing V1.11 project and to use the ARM GCC Compiler (generic) setting and change the path and names of the executables. But the ARM GCC settings generates compiler parameter -mcpu which is not understood by the MSP430 compiler, here it shold be -mmcu. It helped to clear out the device in Project Build Options and place -mmcu=<device> in Compiler Settings->C-Flags->Others, now I'm able to compile.

What am I missing to do it the regular way?

Thanks for any advice!
I think you are just in time. I had the  intention to remove all the non-ARM stuff bit by bit during a couple of next upcoming releases.

The new 2.0 is also going more and more in the direction of an ARM only-tool because of the tight coupling with EBlink.

The question is, is it worth to keep the non-ARM mcu's or should we keep that as a 1.11 version feature?

I don't have a clue how many users there are,  I didn't used MSP430 for more than a decade to be honest. The reason why it is there is because somewhere in 2010/2011 I had one small project with MSP430.

Attached compiler plugin with MSP430 (I had the sources still in git).
But the questions remains, how long do we need to support this (and other non-ARM)  mcu.

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Thank you very much, works perfectly!

There was still a problem when debugging. The msp430 gdb server was not present in the V2.0 installation. Took it from V1.11, works.

I attached a small MSP430 project which uses a MSP430x1611 controller with the TI MSP-FET430UIF debug interface and direct download using bootstrap loader MSP430-BSL. Maybe it helps someone...


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